Paul Rigby Volvo

The Paul Rigby Group is the latest dealer group to roll the INDICATA used car pricing platform to help manage its used cars more efficiently and develop multi-pricing strategies for OEMs and non-franchise stock.

Paul Rigby runs two Volvo, two MG, one Hyundai, one Polestar and one LEVC dealership in the West Midlands and has rolled INDICATA out to improve the consistency of its part exchange pricing for each brand and to ensure retail pricing is competitive with rival local dealers.

Paul Rigby runs a group stock of around 250 used cars and INDICATA will support stock reviews for each brand with 16 general and sales managers having access to the system.

The group conducts weekly brand pricing reviews and uses the system daily to track the market with individual sites having autonomy to change prices accordingly. Both Volvos and MG sites use INDICATA data to price used stock consistently within the group, which is key when selling used cars online via the Paul Rigby Group central used car locator.

The INDICATA platform is also proving very useful in identifying those part exchanges to retail and which ones to send to auction with a keen focus on stock turn. It will also value used cars from non-franchise stock.

“The Volvo and Polestar brands have attracted conquest sales from other premium brands, and we use INDICATA proactively to help us price those part exchanges in real time that we are less familiar with. It takes the guess work out of valuing part exchanges and gives us data we can also share with the customer to help close the sale,” said Andy Kirkham, Paul Rigby’s group sales director.

“Overall, the used car sector is vitally important to our group and INDICATA enables us to gain an edge over our local dealer rivals. With new car sales still in short supply, it is playing a major part in driving our used car business growth and profitability,” he added.

“We are pleased to see INDICATA become such an integral of Paul Rigby’s used car business at a time when stock is low, and prices are high. It will also put the group in a good place for when used car supplies start to increase over the next couple of years,” said Jon Mitchell, INDICATA UK’s group sales director.